Night Star

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The Hommage:

Hommage au Vélo artwork is inspired by the leading actors of the Grand Tours and Classics. We take the central characters of cycling history and interpret them and their machines. No bicycle gets painted that hasn’t played a defining role in the evolution of the racing bike; only iconic riders who have shaped the sport around them make the scene. Hommage au Vélo has created a new standard for cycling artwork. Ensure that the prints in your home embody your passion for the sport as much as the bicycle you ride. Do you have a Hommage?


Artistic Medium: Oil-on-Canvas


Night Star is based on the world record set in June 2018 by Michael Broadwith for the Land's End to John O'Groats (UK) bike ride. Covering 841 miles in 43 hours, 25 minutes and 13 seconds at an average speed of 19.4 mph, the hallucinogenic nature of the effort, without sleep or stopping, is conveyed through the Edward Munch-effect waves, borrowed from his famous painting "The Scream".


The piercing front light on the bicycle shows the way through the early hours just before dawn. The vivid colours interpret the mind-bending effort required to ride straight through the night. A must-have for any fan of ultra-endurance cycling. The bold colours look fantastic on the wall.


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